Stay Healthy in College

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You’re not alone!

There are millions of people out there who are doing the exact same thing as you.  Being fit and healthy should not be temporary, its a lifestyle.  Know that you are not alone!!  Fitness magazines and websites are great sources to use when you are in need of a little boost.  Everyday Health is an awesome site to use to get basic workout info, tips, and motivation.  Check it out!!!

Everyday Health


do it for you

One of the most common reasons for failure in a healthy lifestyle or weight loss plan results from you giving up.  If you want to see results or feel better you have to stay motivated and want it.  Just think of how great you will look after its all over, or how much better you will feel living a healthy lifestyle.  Love yourself and your body.  If you do this you will stay positive and want the best things for you.  The hard work and determination will pay off and once you see results, it will become an addiction.  Stay positive!!  It may be tough right now but you will get there and it will be so worth it!!!

for you

Portion Control

I have learned that portion control is key while trying to lose weight.  A few months ago I was dieting and working out and seeing no results.  I soon became aware that my portion sizes of the “right” foods were too large, causing me to only maintain the size I already was at.  Although I was eating healthy foods, I was still eating too much which is very easy to do.  Check out this “size it right” guide to help you get an idea of correct portion sizes of your favorite foods!