Resist the temptation


We all have that one friend (or group of friends) who can eat whatever they want, never workout, and not gain a pound.  I know how hard it can be to resist the temptations of not getting the fried foods and deserts your friends are always wanting.  You have to be the “healthy one” when in all reality it is the best person to be!  Those fried and sugary foods are not good for you and will bring you down in the long run.  It is best to always settle for the healthier option no matter how hard it is!  Having to miss out on a lazy day of movies with your friends to go to the gym can be hard but it is worth it!  Just think of how good you are going to look in your bikini this season and how great eating healthy and exercising benefits your body and makes you feel.  Don’t even make feeling guilty about skipping out on a workout or eating something totally off your diet plan an option!  Just don’t do it!!


Amazing Arms

Most women want strong, toned arms but have the fear of getting too bulky.  With sleeveless weather coming our way you don’t need to feel as if you need to cover anything up!  Thankfully there are arm exercises we can use to get our arms long, lean, and strong.  The best thing about it is you don’t even need any hefty gym equipment for these exercises!  Most can be done using your own body weight.

best-exercise-arms-400x40011 Best Exercises to Get Strong, Toned Arms

Count your Calories

fitness pal

Tracking calories has never been made easier!! My fitness pal calorie tracking app has made it possible to keep up with our daily food intake at the touch of our fingertips.  Setting a daily goal and allowing yourself a certain amount of calories per day is easier to keep up with by logging it in the fitness pal.  It has been proven that weight loss is seen more efficiently when keeping a journal and my fitness pal gives us easy access to this!!  Download the app now!!>>> myfitnesspal

Squat it out

Squats are an awesome way to tone those thighs and glutes!  It is important to properly practice this exercise in order to avoid injury!  Watch the video “how to do a squat” to help you out!  

If you are familiar with the way squats are to be performed try this 30 day squat challenge!! Bring on the squats!!




Get that flat tummy you have always wanted!  When working out make ab exercises a part of your fitness routine.  The abdominals are one of the most important muscular areas in your body.  You use your core on a daily basis with it being your center of strength.  Having a strong core will benefit you in many ways and with these great ab exercises in the link below it will be made possible!!

Ab Exercises!!!